Camping, glamping, whatever you want to call it, has changed enormously over recent times. The modern conception of roughing it is so far removed from camping trips of yore, that it is akin to the difference between hunting in the dark ages and shopping at Bondi Junction’s Westfield Shopping Centre. The modern camper wants more creature comforts than a zoo with shag pile carpets. They want gourmet camping trips, where the food is so good Neil Perry would be hard pressed to surpass it. In actual fact, the latter-day camper brings every mod con from home that he or she can find and plonks it in the middle of naturae.

Camping with the Finer Things in Life

Camping meals may have once been a can of Spam and a rusty pocket knife, baked beans out of the tin with a splurge of ‘dead horse’ (rhyming slang for tomato sauce for those not in the know), and a mug of Bushells tea so strong you could stand a spoon up in it, but not anymore. No, these days, camping with the finer things ensures that your freshly roasted brush turkey with sea salt and Cajun spice rub is rotisseried over the camp fire by a naked Nubian slave. Gourmet camping trips source fresh local produce and tantalise it with all sorts of exotic preparations.

Food & Wine Are the Best of Friends

You can really get your jaw around this delicious dish, with an accompanying glass of vino, grown and made in the surrounding hills and valleys. Food and wine, my friend, are the best of friends on any glamping holiday. Sitting ensconced by the camp fire sharing tall tales with your compadres, does it get any better than this? The modern Glamper can even keep up with his tips, being connected to the greater universe via the NBN network, of course.

Camping: The Sealed Section

Making love on camping trips can be an adventure in itself. For those travelling in Winnebago pimp wagons (I feel sorry for the American Indians they named it after), making love is no big deal in beds bigger enough to go in the White House, but for those tent bound, it is another experience entirely. The sleeping bag in the tent on a dark and windy night in the bush can stir sexual heights rarely reached in the safe arms of suburbia. “What was that?” “Did you hear that honey?” Relaxing into love can be like doing it at the drive-in surrounded by families stuffing their faces with burgers, hot chips and large cokes. The sounds of love and life blend in like harmonising cicadas.