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A Work-At-Home Success Story

Every now and then it’s good to hear a story about someone succeeding in their stay-at-home business. I find that it helps to inspire both me, and my readers who are working to pursue similar paths, knowing that others are out there making it. It proves to them that with hard work and the right idea they can make it too.

The story I’m about to share belongs to a good friend of mine, named Cal. We’ve known each other for many years, and he recently moved into my neighborhood. Cal has been in the medical field for while now. He became a nurse about 6 years back, and was satisfied with job until he heard what I do. We were actually talking at a party that was thrown by a mutual friend, and he was intrigued when I mentioned that I worked from home for myself. Since then we’ve consistently talked about our business at least once a week.

I’ve coached him and even done some consulting for him as a favor, but the steps he took towards success were the same ones that we all take in securing a stay-at-home job. He first experienced a desire to work from home and committed to himself that he was going to do what it took to make that a reality. He then researched all of the available options that were viable for him. He loves the medical field, but working graveyard shifts as an RN for the local hospital’s emergency room made it very hard for him to spend time with his family after having kids.

Cal eventually found a website about medical billing from home and decided it was the perfect fit for him. Since he already had taken a number of medical related courses, it only took him a year to get the proper education and certificates. He then took a job for a short while at a chiropractor’s office doing billing. He gained the trust of his employer and after a while of working very efficiently, he was able to convince his chiropractor to let him telecommute from home. A month later, Cal registered an LLC and began talking to other small private practices in the area inquiring about their coding and billing needs. He offered to code for them from his home office. He began doing that on the side and when business was picking up, he spoke to his employer and let him know that he would be quitting, but that he would be happy to continue handling their billing as a contractor. Now he’s so swamped that he’s forced to turn work away, but he’s very financially secure.

He still works at least 8 hours a day, but he has the freedom to decide when those hours are. He doesn’t think twice about his job security, he can plan his own vacation days, and never has to worry about office politics. He spends his breaks and lunches with his family, and he can’t imagine ever working for someone else again. Sounds nice, right? Some of you are at that point. Others of you are working towards it. If being your own boss is your goal, but you are just starting out, research all of the home careers that interest you. Figure out what each entails. Then make a plan and work towards it each day. As Cal is happy that he figured out, not only is it possible, it’s very probable if you put in the required effort.

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July 27, 2014
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Finding motivation in the strangest of places: work boots, attic rodents, and a day in the life of a builder

I am truly grateful for the fact that I can make money from home with internet marketing. I’m sure you’ve heard me say this before, but the best part about it is the freedom! If I’m feeling lazy, I can stay in bed, and if I’m feeling motivated, the sky’s the limit to what I can achieve.
Spending so much time working online can make you a little restless. If you work from home like I do, you often have periods of days where you can become very unproductive, even though the hours are still long. Often during these times, you seem super busy, but you’re not actually achieving a whole lot. Maybe you’re spending too much time in your inbox, or doing menial tasks in order to avoid other, more important tasks. Of course, a regular exercise routine helps, but finding the motivation for a run sometimes seem impossible when you’re alone. For this reason, I almost never turn down an offer from friends or family to do something physical, whether it be joining them for a walk, or helping them out in the garden. It’s a great excuse to get out of the office and recharge your motivation batteries.
Last week, after spending some unusually long hours working online, and going around in circles, I got a call from my high school buddy Bradley, a carpenter, who asked me if I would be interested in helping him out for a day as he needed an extra set of hands. Apparently a client of his discovered rodents, or some other type of pests in his attic, chewing away at timber beams and electrical wiring! He had removed the unwanted guests, and decided to have the whole attic stripped out and converted into an extra office space. I jumped at the opportunity of course, as I felt like I was suck in a rut with my work, and felt extremely unproductive. It also seemed like a great situation to test out my home renovation skills.
I found it tough to wake up and start work at 7am, as I don’t think I have woken up that early in years. Our mission for the day was to erect some framing timbers in an attic, which was being converted into a huge office. I am not going to lie, I was a little jealous at the thought of this attic-style office, and have since started thinking about plans for my own.
The work was very physical, and after a few hours of ‘hard yakka’ I felt extremely weak. At one point I was so exhausted that I failed to react to the 60 pound piece of timber which I dropped straight on my feet. My toes remain intact thanks to the steel toe work boots I was wearing, which I picked up on www.workbootcritic.com beforehand.
After a long morning of cutting and nailing timber frames together with Bradley, we stopped for a well-deserved lunch of roast turkey baguettes and soda. A few more hours and the job was done ahead of time, so I invited Bradley over to show him a thing or two about how I do business online.
The following few days (after a well-deserved sleep in), although a little sore, turned out to be an extremely productive time, and possibly one of my most productive streaks yet! I learned a few valuable lessons over the course of that week, which I will share with you now:
1) Utilise your attic – Attics are usually wasted spaces, so why not convert them into a cool office, study, or whatever space you desire? They are also great places for unwanted household pests to hide, since they are usually dry, dark and empty. After reading this resource on common attic pests, I discovered the dangers of ignoring your attic space. Kill 2 birds with one stone by converting your attic into a new room.
2) Wear safety gear when working outside – see my story above about how a simple pair of work boots saved my precious toes. You can never be too careful.
3) Step away from your desk to find motivation – If you’re stuck in an unproductive rut, do yourself a favor and get away from your computer for a few hours. A little change of scenery may be all you need to get you motivated for that next project. It sure gave me the kick-in-the-butt I was looking for.

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July 27, 2014
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Sweeping Up the Competition

Of all the challenges that I have encountered while trying to grow my business, and maintain a work at home life has nothing to do with the work itself. Honestly, the biggest struggle that I’m asked about most often is how to balance housework with “work”. When you work at home it’s easy to get so caught up in the running of your household that you don’t put the hours into your business that it deserves. On the other hand, when you do buckle down and focus only on the work that needs to be done for your business then you’ll often find that the housework isn’t getting done. This is problematic primarily because a clean work environment fosters better accomplishments and more consistent dedication to making money from home.

I personally had to face the struggle head on when I noticed that as much as I tried to keep up on the housework on my off hours, it just wasn’t getting done well. The floor in the kitchen was sticky around the table, there was water spotting around the sink where I clean the dishes, and the bathroom floor well we won’t even talk about that. So, doing what I do best, I got to looking online for the best steam mop at www.thesteammopguy.com. I’ll tell you now; I never realized that a steam mop was intended to be just a spot clean up rather than a hardcore floor cleaning tool. This is why I’ve steered away from them for so long. I don’t want to spend all day cleaning the floor. This got me really excited, being able to pull the mop out and do a quick cleanup of the spots that need it the most will free me up to spend more time doing what needs to be done to make ends meet. Money well spent!

Now that I’m on a roll I’ve saved myself so much time in keeping the laminate floor clean, I decided to take a few more minutes and check out www.thevacuumguy.com to find the best vacuum for pet hair. After all having pets means I’m always fighting to keep the pet hair under control. Finding a vacuum that will speed up this task will once more save me a good amount of time and give me more time to get to work. Just these two simple steps have increased my productivity 15%. There is less time being concerned with cleaning, and more time making money. After all, isn’t that why we all wanted to stop working for big business and started our own work at home money making.

I hope these tips, and the included sites are able to help you overcome the work vs. cleaning battle. I’m sure there are other shortcuts I’ve yet to learn and when I do I’ll be sure to share them with you here. Feel free to share your own experiences with this balancing act. A clean work place is a productive workplace!

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July 25, 2014
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Mixing Business and Pleasure

Working from home has many benefits (as well as some drawbacks). Besides the convenience, one of the things that I enjoy the most is my ability to have complete control over my environment. When I first started my online business I had a crappy laptop, a dial up internet connection and my desk was the kitchen table. Oh how thing have changed! I’ve come a long way since then, and have upgrade both my workspace and the equipment around me. It’s nice to no longer have to worry about getting crumbs or jelly all over my business documents.

I’ve learned that one of the most important things about having a home office is actually having an office – a private workspace where you can tune out the many distractions of home life. I’ve recently just moved my home office into an upstairs addition to the master bedroom that lies between my bed and our upstairs balcony. In my opinion, it’s about the best workspace one could imagine. Actually I did imagine it up, and that’s why we built our home with such an addition. The great thing is that it is completely separated from the bedroom, and has a door that I can close to ensure that I am not disturbed if I need to make an important business call. However, what I love most about it is the view. The wall facing our balcony is made out of glass, so I can feel like I’m outside working without having to worry about the outside noise or temperature.

I’ve always liked to customize my office with little trinkets and toys associated with some of my personal hobbies and interests. I’m of the persuasion that if you have a boring drab office, it’s harder to keep up a high morale and stay excited about your work. I make sure to take short breaks every couple of hours to de-stress regularly. This year, I’ve really been expanding my business which is great for my financial statements, but it also means that I’ve been required to work longer hours. Late at night it can be a little harder to take a break since most often everyone else in the Luxe home is asleep. I’ve been wanting to find something to do during my break time, so I recently ended up purchasing a nice new piece of equipment for my office that I’ve been dreaming about owning since I’ve been a little kid.

I’ve always enjoyed staring up at the sky at night and looking for shooting stars or other heavenly objects. In fact, when I’m pounding away at my keyboard late in the wee hours of the night, typing up my next blog post or planning my next brilliant strategy, I often find myself staring out into the night searching for inspiration. Well, my view just got a whole lot better! I’ve recently purchased the Orion 8945 SkyQuest XT8 Classic Dobsonian telescope. It’s a powerful telescope for a great price. I found it online at telescopeobserver.com, where I was able to look at a few of the top models and compare reviews. Not only does it give me a crystal clear view of the moon, but the apparatus itself looks great. I actually keep it in my office for aesthetic reasons, and then at night I just open the door and roll it onto the balcony during my breaks. That’s right! Did I mention that its base has wheels so it’s easy to move around? If you can’t tell, I’m still very excited with my new purchase, but I share this story to highlight an important business principle. Sometimes you need to mix business with pleasure. Not to the point where the pleasure is distracting, but there are countless things you can do throughout the work day to make it more fun and enjoyable. The more you enjoy your job, the more successful you will be.

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July 21, 2014
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Where Blog and Life Meet

Naturally, I'm always fascinated (as you've probably worked out from the theme of this blog) when I run across other people who've taken an idea, a niggling little dream or urge, and turned it into a successful business plan. I like to find out what makes them tick and how they did it and what other lessons people can take from their journey.

I'm also a touch proud (who isn't?) and like many people in today's figure-conscious world, I like to look my best. The trend to demand physical perfection from each of us seems to be expanding rather than diminishing, and instead of the pressure easing up on ladies, it seems to have spread to infect guys too.

There are some ridiculous diets out there, too. Even though we're told over and over again that crash diets should only be viewed as a temporary solution and that long term calorie restriction is dangerous, I routinely see people overuse the idea of severe calorie restriction far too much.

That's why I was rather fascinated to see the science and idea behind the HCG diet, or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone diet. HCG assists in reducing many of the unpleasant side effects of calorie restriction. Examples are hunger and the loss of muscle before fat, making it far more effective at fat metabolism as well as weight loss. It's a fascinating idea and more than a little tempting. I must say that the HCG pellets would be my choice of poison, as the idea of administering the injections is a little scary to say the least! Talking about scary, the 500 calorie-a-day HGC food plan list is a little daunting too. I had to remind myself that any severe calorie restriction diet is designed only for short term use, and shouldn't be seen as a long term strategy.

But there's a little more to this then my rambling flirtations with weight loss. The site above is a classic example of the number one recommendation for running a business and the centrepiece of every piece of advice Warren Buffet has ever given: stick with what you know.

The face behind the HCG diet is Doctor Simeons, a man who spent many years of his life experimenting in the fields of obesity, weight control and more. Obviously, the man had found his calling or he wouldn't have stuck it out for so long. Whilst I'm speculating here, I can only imagine that taking the next step and developing this HCG diet as a supplementary business option was considerably easier backed up by that same drive and knowledge. It's easier to trust someone with experience – decades of it – in the industry they're selling to you. It's nice to know that the business you're trying to develop a relationship with has passion and inspiration behind it.

Far be it from me to dispute the founder of the Buffet dynasty. He's right, after all. Tackling something you can understand and act upon with passion, enthusiasm and inspiration will make the hard days of setting up a business easier to swallow. Sticking with what you know will enable you to make the right decisions to carry yourself and your business forward.

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July 14, 2014
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Top Small Family Vehicles for Home Business Owners on a Tight Budget

Photo by MIKI Yoshihito and reproduced under Creative Commons

Not everyone can afford to buy an expensive car. This is most especially true for families who have a lot of expenses to cover in their monthly budget, so paying for an expensive car is out of the question. But fortunately there are still budget-friendly family cars that you can afford, cars that can haul each and every member and other stuff as well.

Family vehicles should be big and have enough room for everyone and the stuff that should be brought along on trips. The best choice for a family vehicle is an SUV, or sports utility vehicle. The perception on sports utility vehicles is that they are very big and bulky, expensive and chugs down gasoline more than other types of vehicles. But recently small SUVs have been on offer from different car manufacturers. Small and compact SUVs are way cheaper than their bigger counterparts, and they are just perfect for families in need of small SUVs but are otherwise on a very tight budget. Here are some small sports utility vehicles that can fit into a tight family budget. Find out the top 7 small and compact SUVs by clicking here.

  1. The Nissan Dualis can fit seven people in its interior, with enough room for storage, and is very kid friendly. Car seats can be installed without any hassle. It is also fuel efficient, which adds to its appeal to families.
  1. The Subaru XV is very sleek and stylish. At under $30,000, this vehicle is an all-wheel drive, and dads can take it for a drive in the back roads for a weekend with the boys. This being said, this vehicle serves a double purpose: as a family vehicle and as an adventure vehicle.
  1. Nissan X-Trail is perfect for families who always go on weekend trips and haul bikes and other equipment along. The seats can be folded to make room for equipment and other stuff, and the flooring can be removed and washed, so there is no worry over getting dirt and mud into the vehicle.
  1. Probably the best feature of Mitsubishi Outlander is its six airbags. You can never be too safe when you have children inside the car. Although it is a small sports utility vehicle, it is roomy enough for a family.

Customers do not have to spend a fortune just to have an SUV that can haul their families to trips. They can already own one for $30,000 or less. It is always important to read reviews first before deciding on a brand and model to see which one is most beneficial for each family.

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June 27, 2014
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How Online Product Reviews Can Help You Become a Successful Online Seller

The general population of several countries in the world today is growing at an alarming rate. Yes, there are those countries where the population growth rate is not very significant, but this is not the main concern. The problem is that resources continue to be stretched and overstretched. The economy becomes ‘congested’ and a high percentage of the population remains jobless.

Another cunning scenario arises whereby people appear to have wage earning engagements whereas the actual truth is, they are under-employed. Meaning, they are more qualified than the kinds of jobs they are employed to do.

Under these circumstances it is common to find people complain about the job situation. Only a few are smart enough to think ‘outside the box’. When one path fails, it is clever to take another, provided that they both will get you to the same destination.

Money cannot only be obtained through formal employment; and business does not have to be conducted from a shopping centre in the city’s central business district. It is the traditional ways of thinking that sometimes hold people back from thriving amid challenging but potentially rich circumstances.

Many people all over the world have realized how much money can be made online. Internet business is one of the most popular trends today. A lot of businesses dealing in lines like furniture, medicine, machinery; just to mention but a few are thriving in major world cities including New York and the UK.

You do not have to rent an office space downtown to be able to operate an online business. You can do all these right from the comforts of your study. You need to be smart however in choosing your line of commodity; it needs to be something that you can comfortably manage.

Key among your considerations for putting up a start-up business should be relevance. Always find a way to make the products you offer relevant to the current times.

For instance, given today's economic climate, people will be most interested in things that shout pocket friendliness. Major global concerns like pollution and global warming also can be clever sources of a business idea. An entrepreneur would therefore choose to deal in a line of product which, in essence, alludes to the idea of clean environment, family, and affordability.

Take lawn mowers, for example. The available models in the today's market are gasoline, electric, and manual. If you are looking to sell a lawn mower that will appeal to the "green" market, manual or reel mowers would be your best bet. However, it is important that you online sell the highest quality of reel mowers on your site to avoid losses. You see, consumers today have access to reviews posted online by owners of certain products. These days, online reviews contribute a great deal to the how a product sells. If you stock up on substandard reel mowers, it highly likely that you will lose out because they won't sell.

Which brands of reel mowers should you sell in your online store? Well, different perspectives determine the best reel mower brands. Everyone has their own preferences and in this case, their unique individual considerations and the features they look in determining the reel mower that they deem best. For this reason, you should also look up reviews on reel mowers and take note of the brands that come highly recommended by homeowners.

If you prefer, you can also sell electric lawn mowers on your website. After all, there are homeowners who are too busy or just simply prefer to makes their lives easier by cutting back on the manual labour. Of course, you should also look up electric lawn mower reviews to determine which ones would sell best to homeowners who are environmentally conscious.

Whatever product you choose to sell online, make sure to do your research. Running an online business is not just about uploading photos and captioning in prices. You need to figure out how you will be shipping the items to your buyers, payment methods you would want available, and of course, how you will be marketing your online store. Overall though, many online sellers have become successful in their line of business. That said, it is definitely something you should consider if you are looking for ways to make money online.

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June 19, 2014
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SIL’s Visit and The Wet Basement Problem

My wife’s sister came over from London last week to visit and she’s staying for a few weeks. In preparation for her arrival, we cleaned and fixed up the extra bedroom in the basement so it would be cozy for her to stay in. Two days after her stay, she complained that the walls were damp and some corners had moldy growth. I went to investigate and her complaints were real – there was slimy growth on one of the walls and it was damp, too. The entire room had a musty feel to it.

After consulting a friend of mine who does some repairs at home, I soon learned that my basement had some cracks in its foundation, leading to the absorption of water from the outside ground and causing dampness and leaking inside. This made it a perfect breeding ground for mold. While mold growth may seem like a big problem, it was the cracks and the leaking that was a bigger problem.

Going DIY: Fixing The Basement

My first option was to have a professional look at it and fix the damp basement problem, but it was quite an expensive thing to do. My friend also reassured me that I could do it myself, unless the problem was really that huge.

So, I checked out some guides online and came across wetbasementguide.com, which helped me immensely. The website helped explain the whole situation, provided steps I could follow in helping me fix the basement and recommending the right products for me to use.

Here is what I did which helped me immensely and kept my basement leak proof:

  1. First, I identified the source of the leak. I checked for leaking pipes in the floor or the wall, but there wasn’t anything of that sort, so it was apparently caused by water runoff from the ground.
  2. I checked out the slope and levels of the ground along the foundation of the house. I found out that our yard ground actually slopes towards the house, causing water to run towards the house and pool against the walls. When water pools, it eventually seeps down into the soil close to the foundation and then seeps into the walls. What I did was build up the soil along the foundation to reduce runoff. I also checked for plants, shrubs and trees growing close by the foundation – there wasn’t any. Apparently, roots (even small ones) can cause cracking on the masonry.
  3. Third task was to clean the gutters. It may not seem connected but apparently, blocked gutters cause rain water to run over the edge and spill on the ground next to the structure. I also checked for downpipes to make sure they don’t leak, so rain water goes where it should go and not anywhere near the house and its foundation.
  4. Then came the the “inside task.” We first wiped the wall clean, allowing us to see where the cracks and chinks were. Then, I used the S2000 Basement Wall & Floor Sealer by Foundation Armor recommended by the site to seal the cracks. This took some work because I had to remove paint and ensure that there were no lime or salt deposits. The area had to be really clear to ensure that the sealer penetrated well and did its job.

A few days after this (and one night of moderate rain), the room was dry as could be, which probably meant that I did my job right! My sister in law stayed in the family room instead throughout her whole stay, but I’m sure that when other guests come around eventually, they won’t be bothered by seepage anymore.

Lesson Learned

One lesson I learned from this experience is to never disregard your basement. Acting on your basement problems early on is very important because it prevents a wide range of negative experiences which include damage to wires and electrical fixtures, foundation and woodwork, walls and paint and of course, damage to your overall health.

My office is in the garage so I rarely went down to the basement to check on it. Little did I know that the seeping, leaking and condensation was already happening. I could have stopped it if I took the time to inspect and address the issue earlier on.

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June 13, 2014
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Helping You Choose Vape Pens

My work does not require me to leave home much, so I am here around 90% of the time. I noticed that this kind of set up makes it easier for me to grab a cigarette and smoke throughout the day. When I was still working in a typical office set-up, I would usually finish around five cigarettes a day. However, since starting to work from home, I notice that I go out and smoke almost once every hour. I’m estimating that I am now smoking roughly fifteen cigarettes a day!

While I do not smoke inside the house, my wife constantly nags because my office stinks like it, or that is what she says. Then again, what is healthy about smoking almost a pack a day?

After constant nagging and persuasion, and even a little threatening (no dessert for the whole year), I have finally decided to try another alternative. I am not looking on quitting just yet, but I think this is a better choice.

Introducing The Vape Pen

So, I did some research recently about alternatives to smoking and I came across various sites telling me one thing – try a vapourizer pen. This vapourizer pen works like an electronic cigarette, but is a higher refinement of this initial technology. Like e-cigarettes, vape pens do not burn anything, but simply heats to produce vapour from a concentrate. Think of it as those hooka or shisha pipes, but smaller and easier to bring around.

I love the idea that you can choose any concentrate you want to put in, and can choose from flavoured ones or even those that do not contain nicotine. One plus is that it is also safer than cigarette smoking, because it does not produce smoke, ash and other chemical byproducts.

While you will still be inhaling nicotine (which is the addicting factor), you won’t have problems with 3,000 other chemicals that are produced in the burning process of tobacco.

Vape pens do not produce any smoke, but water vapor which immediately evapourates into the air within seconds. It does not produce any smell or dangerous second hand smoke – which means that I can use it in my office!

Choosing The Best Vape Pen

With all its advantages, I liked the idea of vaping. So, I went around choosing the best vape pen online. There were so many brands available, and I had no idea where to start. The problem is, there is no specific body or organization that regulates the manufacturing and sale of vape pens, so there was a chance that I would end up buying a fake one or something that wasn’t manufactured well.

Fortunately, I came across this website http://bestvapepens.net, which provided me more information than I needed about vape pens. The website has some good reviews of the top selling products in the market, comparing the brands, price, warranty and rating. It also has a page on the safety of vaping, which further strengthened my decision to really get into vaping instead. My wife has been very supportive in me trying to switch over from smoking. The stop of her constant nagging to quit cigarettes is certainly reason enough for me to try vaping.

My Personal Options

The website helped me narrow down my choices until I only had the Atmos Rx Raw Portable and the White Rhino Trifecta to consider. The Trifecta is a bit “up there” in terms of cost, but it has the highest rating and can vape wax, oil and herbal components. The Atmos Rx Raw Portable is a great and relatively cheaper option but cannot vape herbal components. It is a very difficult choice, looking at price, quality and features, and I am still trying to decide up until now.

You can help me by checking out this website and letting me know what you think. Who knows, it might even convince you (if you do smoke) to try vaping instead!

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June 13, 2014
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A New Opportunity in Photography

Working from home is an extremely rewarding experience, and one of the things I’ve learned to do is take advantage of every opportunity I come across. I have to be flexible enough to learn new skills and adapt to be sure I have a steady income. One of the best ways to do this is to establish several sources of income. I’ve had success setting up a few sources and aim to have at least 3 more by the end of this year.

My latest source of income is commercial photography. If you’re unfamiliar with what commercial photography is, read here. I’ve always had a habit of taking photos here and there, but it was as I was reading a Wikipedia article on photography that I realized I could actually turn my occasional hobby into cash.

There are actually quite a few ways to work as a commercial photographer. One is to get hired by a company or ad agency that employs photographers. They then have you take photos of products for displays. Or they might send you out to get photos to support an ad campaign. That option is definitely not up my alley though…I prefer to be more self dependent.

The route I chose was to sell my photos online. I do this by signing up to sell at sites like istockphoto.com. The deal is that I take a cut of the sale price of the photo. It definitely doesn’t pay as well as if I were selling my photos directly to consumers, but having an established and trusted website that people know about already sell them for me is an ideal solution for me.

That’s because I really don’t want to be a big-time photographer, and that’s what would be required to have a website that people would actually buy from. I enjoy snapping photos as I go, here and there, at the beach, around my house, and eating out with friends. You’d be surprised to know what kinds of photos people end up buying! One of my top selling photos was a picture of a meat pie!

My goal right now is to make enough money to eventually take a photography class, like the kind listed here. I think that taking a class will help me make pictures that are more visually appealing, and therefore more likely to sell.  Like the article I linked to recommends, I’ve listed out some goals that I have for my photos:

  • Learn how to use light better. I have found that black and white photos do very well for me, so learning to use light better would help boost these sales.
  • Learn to frame shots better. I know that composition of shots is very important to them selling well. And I know that there are some shots that I just get right, and it’s kind of a gut feeling for me. I’d like to learn why these shots work so well instead of relying on my gut. Sometimes my gut can betray me, like when I eat hot foot and get heartburn!
  • Network with photographers already successful in the commercial realm. I know there are quite a few out there, and I need to meet them to become better and make this income stream even larger.
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June 13, 2014