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How I run my tax free internet marketing business in Dubai

Online marketing has pretty much transformed my life. It provides me with a freedom that I could only dream of at my old job. Now I work fewer hours, can work any where in the world and at any time that I want. This all started around 3 years ago when I was still working as a business analyst at my old job. Life was great until I got into a car accident which caused a whiplash injury to my neck. Several doctor visits later, I was still in a lot of pain and the official prognosis was that the pain will eventually go away. The continuous pain affected my performance at work and eventually I was let go after 6 months. The car accident was not my fault, but yet, I was paying for it by getting fired and living with pain all day long. I even tried to get legal help and claimed whiplash compensation, but the red tape and bureaucracy is mind numbing. When my lawyer could not help, I scoured the internet to find resources to help with my claim. Eventually I gave  up and just waited for thing to get better.

Getting fired from my job turned out to be one of the best things that have happened to me. Now that I had a lot of free time, most of which was spent online, I stumbled upon internet marketing. I slowly built up my sites and  the money started trickling in. When my earnings reached $500/month, I decided that I would not go back to my corporate job and just try to make a full time income from my sites. It took a lot of hard work and dedication but eventually I was making a six figure income from my sites alone.

My experience with the government left me jaded and I couldn’t help resent paying taxes to the government when their legal system failed to provide me with protection when I needed it the most. I did a lot of research about changing nationalities and ended up moving to Dubai. It offered a great life style and best of all, there’s no income tax. The moving process was simple enough. I found tons of information online about moving companies in Dubai and it took only 3 weeks to plan and move all my stuff across the Atlantic.

As an internet marketer, there’s tons of opportunities in Dubai. First of all, you can get access to cheap labor from all the neighboring Asian countries. A lot of my work is repetitive and is usually outsourced. Now I have an office in downtown Dubai and have a staff of content writers and SEOs who help manage my growing network of sites. Previously I used to outsource most of my work, but it’s a lot better to have these people working alongside you in the same office. I have also had a good experience with investing in real estate here in Dubai. With the huge influx of expats moving into UAE,  the real estate is a scarce commodity. House pricing have been on a steady increase since the bust in 2008 and provides a great investment opportunity.

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September 12, 2014
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How My Wife Saved Money On Car Insurance by Switching To A Provider That Caters To Women

With the cost of living rising and the economy becoming more volatile, my wife and I were becoming more concerned about our spending. One of the main areas of concern was car insurance. It appeared that no matter how careful we were the rates of premium still remained the same. This is despite the fact that my wife rarely makes any claims. This led to her opting to look for a car insurance provider that favored women. We were quite surprised to get a cheap (but great) deal on her new motor cover simply because of the following factors surrounding women drivers:

1. More Cautious Naturally

It is an obvious fact that women are more cautious than men. They will always exercise due diligence in almost everything they do. This also applies to their driving habits. Before engaging an insurance firm, a woman will first make sure to adhere to the stipulated guidelines. She will also ensure the car is in good shape so as to get a much better premium.

2. Careful Drivers

It is quite rare to find a women driving recklessly or speeding down the road. This can mainly be attributed to their motherly instincts. Rarely will you find a woman driving through shortcuts or unbeaten paths. And if she does, she will stick within the stipulated speed limits. Such driving practices have less wear and tear on the vehicle. Also, the chances of being involved in an accident are much slimmer.

3. Fewer Accidents

As a woman, you can always argue out your case based on recorded statistics. Records show that accidents caused by women are quite few. In fact, when they are involved in one, it will have been caused by the other party. Actually, considering my wife had not made claims for several years, the insurance firm was willing to lower the premiums even further.

4. Better Maintained Cars

Women are known to be more risk averse than risk seekers. They will always make certain their cars are in good shape. They rarely skip service, and will always engage a reputable mechanic or auto repair shop. In addition, women change cars less frequently. Since they drive well maintained cars at reasonable speeds, some insurance companies view women drivers as a lesser liability.

5. Drive Less Often

The number of women drivers is increasing. However, most of the women drive for shorter distances compared to their male counterparts. Furthermore, they prefer to stick to smooth asphalt instead of the unbeaten paths. A car which has less mileage has less mechanical damage or wear and tear. Also, good roads are less likely to cause an accident compared to bad roads.

From the factors mentioned above, it is clearly justified for women drivers to be offered a better deal when it comes to car insurance. Unfortunately, the modern society doesn’t really differentiate between male and female drivers. To them, they are all clients. Well, actually, this is not entirely true. In fact, nowadays, many car insurance providers are willing to bend the rules just to suit women. Some have even come up with plans that are specifically targeted at women drivers.

Note: The above is also true for funeral insurance, as women pay less in premiums than men do. Mainly because they live longer and healthy lives.

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September 10, 2014
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Meditate and Eat Healthy to Focus on Your Write Ups

I always knew I’d do something with my writing in future, but didn’t realize it was going to be so soon. A few years ago, I left my job at a Multinational Corporation, and looked for some passive income opportunities. The first few months after leaving my job were tough. I was stressed, tired and fatigued all the time. Thus, I started experiencing some health problems.

When I planned to set up a home based business, I never imagined it would be so hard. Luckily, I had always been an avid writer. Thus, I planned to make the best use of my skills, and wrote several ebooks. It wasn’t long before I assembled a team of some good writers, and set up my writing business from home.

It’s important to understand that managing a business is not easy. You’re likely to feel stressed all the time. There are numerous responsibilities you have to manage. In tough competitive times, the stress is only going to increase. Therefore, you need to focus on some ways to reduce the stress, and make sure your health stays fine.

In this post, I want to tell you about two important aspects that can effectively reduce your stress, and help you lead a better lifestyle. When you have a better understanding of these important aspects, you will feel relaxed and comfortable. You will be able to focus on your write ups in a much better way.

Meditate Regularly to Reduce Stress

Meditation is one of the best ways to reduce any sort of stress. It can help you feel more active and relaxed. If you meditate for just 30 minutes every day, you can let your creativity and imagination wander freely.

When I started meditating, I used a few techniques for just 10 minutes every alternate day. Soon, I was experiencing the benefits of these techniques. I had started feeling more alive and comfortable. Even my headaches were gone and blood pressure was normal.

I started meditating about three months ago. Currently, I use various techniques for 30 minutes every day. I have divided the time into two sessions. In the first session, I meditate for about 15 minutes. It’s the first thing I do every morning. The second 15 minute session is in the evening. If you want to know more about numerous medication techniques, visit http://bestmeditationcourses.com/.

Eat Healthy with Pressure Cookers

The second most important aspect you should focus on includes a healthy diet. These days, you can purchase high quality pressure cookers to make sure you eat a healthy diet. When I looked for some pressure cookers reviews on the Internet, I was amazed to see so many innovative designs at affordable prices. Within a short period of time, I was preparing all kinds of healthy dishes.

I bought a model that allowed me to prepare rice, cereal, gravy, chicken, cakes and a wide range of other food items. My learning period was quite fun. I quickly understood that there wasn’t any need to focus on just basic foods. I had to expand my reach and focus on a healthy diet. The perfect combination of some meditation-techniques and healthy diet can help you stay relaxed and focused. If you want to go through some pressure cookers reviews, visit http://www.pressurecookercritic.com/.

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September 7, 2014
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Working For Yourself And Important Insurance Considerations

Anyone who has a highly desirable skill, plenty of work experience, and is self motivated, can work from a home office. Working for yourself is not for everyone. But, it can be a positive experience, for those who want more freedom in determining where or when to work. It can be especially lucrative for professionals working in health care, as nurses, therapists, and technicians.

There are plenty of companies who may be willing to give you contract work or occasional work. But, you are not likely to be covered under the malpractice policy of the organizations you provide services for. In addition, private parties could also sue for medical damages, if their legal advisers believe you have been negligent. Even if a case can’t be proven, it is likely to rack up expenses, as you will likely incur fees for a defense attorney. In situations where you’re providing contracted services, you should seek advice and consider getting your own policy.

Working independently can provide many skilled professionals with a way to earn a living, even if they must juggle child care, caring for ageing parents, earning a graduate degree, or receiving treatment for a serious illness. In some instances, Working from a home office can allow the individual to make more money than they would working for someone else.

The key in working independently, is to make sure the same insurance benefits are available, at an affordable rate. Some professionals may believe insurance is not necessary. But, there are many reasons why insurance is necessary. Not only is insurance necessary, but the right type of coverage is also important.

Working for yourself is no different than working for someone else, except as a decision maker, you will have a say in most major decisions. You will also face the same hazards, like illness or injury. Without health insurance, you may face difficulties paying medical bills. One major illness involving surgery or a hospital stay may put your business assets in jeopardy as well. This is why you need to consider finding suitable medical insurance coverage unless claiming against something that wasn’t your fault. This is usually termed no win no fee – www.nowinnofeelaw.co.uk has great information if this is your circumstance.

There are several options for medical insurance. You can choose an HMO or PPO, under a group plan designed for those who are self employed. A medical savings account is another option. This is an account where tax free contributions are put into an account until they are needed for medical expenses. You may be able to pay for dental and vision expenses, but major medical coverage should be a consideration. You can learn about the differences of HMO and PPO here.

Medical negligence is another important coverage needed for professional health care workers, regardless of the capacity or skill level. Usually, the greater the skill level, the more involved with patient care the professional will be. This means the likelihood of being sued for negligence increases. You don’t want to be caught without some type of insurance, should a negligence case be brought against you. Such litigation can have severe negative consequences, such as having your earnings garnished, having your personal property seized, or worse, having your professional license revoked.

To avoid any of these negative consequences, a good malpractice policy can offer the right protection. It serves to protect your assets, cover legal expenses, and provide you with the proper representation. Having to prove your innocence or lack of responsibility for a particular situation is costly. Attorneys will want to access as many medical records as possible, related to the incident in question. There are fees for copying files, for filing to access records with the courts, and expertise to know how the process works.

If you want a good defense you need an experienced medical negligence solicitor, here is a great resource on hiring one, to help protect you. This is part of what the liability insurance policy will cover. In some instances, a settlement may be reached, even if you believe you are innocent. Having liability and negligence insurance in place will help you keep your assets, such as a car, home, or other personal property you have acquired.

Even if you only provide advice and answer questions online, such as through an advice website, you will want to have a suitable liability policy in place. People don’t always follow advice to the letter or sometimes take advice too far. Having a medical negligence policy in place can save your assets and your professional reputation.

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September 4, 2014
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Your Guide to Setting Up your Own Amazon Shop for Gym Equipment

Amazon.Com has a lot of visitors and I do mean in the millions. There are thousands of buyers and sellers at any given moment and products are being sold at a very high pace at a low price. The temptation of free shipping and discounts can be too much to handle for any customer who just happens to visit the website and most of the time, you cannot leave the website without buying a thing or two. As of 2013, Amazon.com reported earning close to more than a million dollars per hour.

If you want to sell gym equipment at Amazon, you will need to know a few things:

First, you need a supplier. Gym equipment in the USA or UK are very expensive, which is why some retailers choose to get theirs from China at a relatively cheaper price. The durability and quality of the equipment is pretty impressive despite the stigma of Chinese products. From there, you have two options.

  1. You can stock up on gym equipment and post them on Amazon.com. This is tedious because you will need lots of space and manpower for the delivery, but you can impress clients with a shorter delivery time.
  2. You can accept the payments from your customers and order on their behalf from your supplier. The supplier will then ship the items. This is more convenient but the shipping time may be longer.

Once that’s decided, it’s time for you to pick out what you need to sell. Start out with small products that people are more inclined to buy like dumbbells and kettlebells, Zumba shoes, sauna suits, weight plates for barbells, and other gym equipment that’s good for both home and commercial gyms. Then move to the bigger equipment like a bench, squat cages, treadmills, and so on. This will make transactions a little easier and more convenient.


Creating a review site

One of the most titillating ways for you to capture the attention of your buyers is to create a review website. This website is focused on showcasing the pros and cons of your products. For example, you can showcase an amazing squat rack from China that’s able to hold more than 2000lbs in weight. You can post about why it’s a good buy for home gym owners and why it’s a good investment.

A review site is also a good way for you to include the technical specifics of the product and combining it with an explanation on the features (like how the measurements will convert to it fitting inside your garage or the measurements of the squat rack easily translated to it being easily moved to another spot in the house). To prevent biases, you can include why this product is not that attractive (like the foundation of the squat rack is not rubberized and may scratch the flooring when moved).

Once that’s done, you can link your Amazon shop to your review site so people will know where to buy it from.

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September 3, 2014
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How To Work From Home and Stay in Shape

Currently there now more people than ever working from home. Thanks to technology trends such as the internet and the widespread use of computers people can now earn an income from the comfort of their own living room. Working from home offers many benefits to people. One advantage includes working out and getting into shape.

Normally, when a person has a job, they will not have the time to workout while they are there. Unless they work in a field where it is required for them to perform a daily routine of physical activity; they will have to make an extra effort to workout their body. People who work at home can create their own workout routines and programs.

Stay at home workers can develop a weight training, cardiovascular or cross-training program that they can use all throughout the day. They can engage in this routine during their break time. The key to making this kind of routine work is not going overboard with the exercises.

Exercises that are used for the workout routine should be easy enough to perform without getting wearing a person out. They should also be hard enough to challenge an individual. For example, a weight program for stay at home workers could include squats, curls and performing the bench press. The weight that a person uses for their program should be heavy enough to make them work while they exercise but light enough for them to consistently finish a particular set. Finding the balance between those positions can be somewhat difficult.

People that work at home should also develop a cardiovascular exercise program to help them stay in shape. They can develop a dance routine or use a treadmill as a part of their program. They could even take a short jog around the block or their neighbourhood just to get them out of the house. The main thing is to make sure that they are getting their circulation going and heart rate up.

Performing reps of push-ups, pull-ups, jump jacks and wind mills are other great exercises as well. Stay at home workers can also do exercises such as pull-ups or chin-ups to build muscle and to lose weight. Exercising the stomach area is important and stay at home workers needs to focus on this part of their body as well. Crunches and sit-ups work wonders with building a person’s midsection. Performing pull-ups can be very hard in beginning, but there are complete tutorials which will guide you to learn doing pull ups with exercise schedules , like the one on this website.

Speaking of the midsection, most people might not realize this but they need to engage in core exercises to strengthen their whole body. The core section includes the chest, stomach and upper thigh areas of the body. Once this part of the body is strengthened people will be stronger. Cross-training for stay at home workers is a great way to build up a person’s core muscle groups. There are a lot of cross-training exercises such as dead-lifting that works wonders for a person’s core. Stay at home workers can build up their bodies while they work out of their houses. This is a great way for them to make money and to keep in good physical condition.

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August 31, 2014
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Making Money Through Affiliate Programs

Making Money from Home Through Affiliate Programs are a reliable source of income. On a daily basis, thousands of people search the Internet for legit ways on how to make money online. However, some of them buy into scams and end up losing their money while others are fortunate enough to find a way of making money online but lower amounts than they expected. There is plenty of money that can be made online, but it largely depends on how patient one is and the time they are willing to spend to give it a try. One of the best ways to make money is through affiliate marketing through which a person earns a commission for driving traffic that leads to sales. If you have enough web traffic this can be a big plus for you.

The main reason why affiliate marketing is a reliable way to make money online is that as long as you receive traffic and direct it to the affiliates sites, you will keep on earning. It is not easy to make money through affiliate marketing but once you have built a good following, there is nothing that you cannot accomplish. Even if you are no longer updating as much information or blogs like when you started, with a big crowd, you can be certain to make money through commissions.

Let say that you have a deep interest about knives, especially in finding the best pocket knife review webpage and outdoor survival equipment, however you feel that the content you find is outdated and not useful. What you can do is take all your knowledge online and every time you recommend someone to get a good knife, ask your readers to click on your affiliate link so you can get a commission thanks to your recommendation.

You can also recommend services instead of physical products. There are many opportunities in the online payday loan industry. One of my friends is the owner of 「Dineromio.com – Préstamos Rápidos」, a Spanish online website that help you compare which payday loan service is the best in the market. You can also do the same with many online services and write your personal thoughts, advantages/disadvantages, and review them.

Affiliate marketing involves promoting or choosing a niche that you are quite familiar with, so this is why writing the content of it can be really easy and enjoyable. If you want to make money with affiliate marketing, you have to ensure that you only promote products or services that you are conversant with or that you love, otherwise you might feel really boring and won’t be able to really get the full benefit of the affiliate program. Writing about your hobbies and your interests will ensure that you don’t get bored and you are always curious to make more sales. When starting with affiliate marketing, things may seem pretty slow hence you have to give yourself and your efforts time to monetize. You should not focus so much on the money when starting out, as you may easily get discouraged. So stop thinking about it and just try it, you won’t regret.

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August 29, 2014
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Make Money From Home By Selling Sports Supplements

I recently got involved with a new work-from-home business venture, which is proving to be very profitable. It’s a relatively untapped market, and if you are quick then you may be able to jump on board and get started at the right time as well.

I was put onto the idea from a colleague that I train with at my local gym. Mike told me about certain workout nutrition supplement companies that pay good commissions to people that promote and sell their products.

The concept is very simple – all you need to do is sell one item of any of their products and you will receive a 25% commission of the sale. This is obviously something attractive if you can set up a website that promotes products like these.

If you’re not sure as to what the workout nutrition and supplements market involves, I’d suggest taking a look at Workout Nutrition Pro a site that provides great reviews of the best workout supplements.

A good way of promoting the products is talking with locals at your gymnasium. You could get into conversation with them about their weight training regime, and then ask them some basic questions about their nutrition.

You will find that most gym-goers are semi-serious about their nutrition and will often be searching for the best creatine supplements like these.

You could even make your way around to several gyms and act like a representative of these various products in order to promote and sell their products. Gyms like this one will have locations all around the country.

Once someone decides to buy a product from you all you need to do is jump online and place the order for the customer. Once the item is delivered the supplement and nutrition company will pay you your share of the sale.

If you set up a web site you can even promote it to people and offer them a commission as well. The only thing with that is, it will eat into your own commission. For example if you offer someone 10% if they sell a product for you, then you will only be receiving 15%.

But when you think about it, that’s 15% that you will receive for doing absolutely nothing. Well, almost nothing! But in all seriousness, it really is a very easy way to make money online and based on my experience with it for the last few months I have found it to be highly profitable.

You could even take things further by setting up a facebook page where you can promote all of the brands to people in your state. All you need to do is look for facebook pages for gyms in your state, then get in contact with them and tell them about your offer.

That way you get the gym to do promotional posts on their facebook timeline and you reap the benefits of reaching a wider market all at the comfort of your own home. I’ve tried this method personally and it definitely works well.

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August 24, 2014
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Tips from a Work From Home Wife of A Truck Driver

When my husband decided to start his career driving trucks, I knew that there would be many lonely days and nights ahead. Because of the kids, I couldn’t possibly be on the road with him tugging the little ones all the time so I knew I had to do something to keep busy and earn money while he’s away.

Although I knew it was going to be hard juggling everything on my own from taking care of the kids and making sure they eat fresh home cooked meals to working online as a freelance virtual assistance, I kept the “challenge accepted” kind of attitude. When my husband began taking truck-driving classes, I also started my research about the online freelancing world. It was quite a challenge but I managed to learn what I needed from research, podcasts, training videos and a few short trial projects.

I’ve been working online for almost 2 years now and I want to inspire stay at home moms like me. I’ve come up with a few tips to help moms like me keep the balance between family and an online career.

Tip 1: Have your own workspace

This is my number 1 tip because it simply is a must to have a space where you can act like a professional employee. By having a makeshift office at home, you have your own place to think, get organized and focus. Being in your office should also be a sign for your kids and anyone else in the household that you should not be disturbed.

Tip 2: Don’t act like a superwoman

We moms know we are superwomen and we don’t need to act like one anymore. If you need a break, don’t feel bad in taking one. Rest if you must. You’ll feel better cooking dinner after you take a nap when that very stressful conference meeting ends.

Tip 3: Don’t forget to go out

For moms, being at home with the kids is the most ideal way of how things should be. Working at home means you don’t have to leave your kids and go through that separation anxiety day in and day out, especially since we never really get over that no matter how old are kids have become. However, although you have built your own perfect little world at home, you still need to go out and see your friends and take a break from it all. A change of environment even for a few hours could be refreshing for you.

Tip 4: Create a blog

Moms who stay at home to take care of the kids and yet are able to earn money are big inspirations to moms who wish they could do the same. Write about your experiences, your feelings and the lessons you have learned. Share them with moms like you so that you may someday inspire a mom to have the courage to do the same. You can blog about your kids, your dreams and plans of traveling or just about anything you dare to write about. Besides, blogging nowadays could also mean extra income!

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August 24, 2014
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Making Money From Online Advertisements Works If You Use Some Sensible Ideas

GTA 5 Cheats for the xbox 360Anyone can monetize a website’s advertisements to get paid more. If you have a website about something that is of interest to you then you will have to think about making money by using a website that relates to it while getting advertisements that you can get money from. That is, you can get money when people click on these ads on your website.

Let’s say that you have a site that is about Grand Theft Auto 5. You can offer GTA 5 cheats Xbox 360 from a place like Free-GTA-5-Cheats, for instance. You can then use these GTA 5 cheats in conjunction with different advertisements on your site. These ads can relate to products that can be used while playing the highly popular game.

This is useful but you have to be certain that you watch for different pointers when trying to get these advertisements to work to your benefit. You need to be certain that these work if you want more money.

Make the Ads Natural

If you post the ads naturally around your site then you will look like you are more professional. That is, you should not try and force yourself into posting loads of ads onto different parts of the page. You just have to make sure they go into different spots like the side margins of a page or the two or bottom parts like what is used on other sites. Avoid trying to force advertisements in the middle of whatever you are posting so you will have a much easier time with highlight whatever you have to offer.

Keep Them Relevant

You must always make sure that the advertisements that you are using are relevant to whatever it is you are trying to highlight. Do not just go and take in random ads as you feel. You have to make sure that you have information that is sensible and smart to cover. This is all to ensure that the setup is made with enough control.

For instance, if you have a GTA 5 website for the Xbox 360 version of the game then make the advertisements relevant to the game or the console. After all, the odds are people who are on such a site will have strong interests in those two subjects.

Be Informative

If you are more informative about whatever you have to talk about then the advertisements you have will be much easier for people to recall. That is, the advertisements will end up being smarter and more sensible because you have plenty of information to support whatever it is these ads are talking about. If this is used the right way then it will not be all that hard to manage when all is said and done.

Online advertisements can be beneficial to your money-making needs on your website if you are careful. Be sure that you watch for whatever you might try to do when making these adverts fit in with your site no matter what your site might be about or who you are trying to cover.

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August 22, 2014